I Create Birmingham: Lee Shook


“Having lived here almost all of my adult life, I’ve never seen the city so vibrant and alive with music and it’s a really special thing to watch take root…. It’s a pretty amazing time to be a music lover in the Magic City”

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“Generally, though, we just don’t want to shoot guys pressing buttons on a computer or a single person on stage because there’s not a lot to look at.  A dynamic band with members that are all doing something is always the best.”

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“Put yourself in positions where you feel lost. It gives you incredible energy to face and solve problems. Connect with your fellow artists. Your community is what really helps you survive.”

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I Create Birmingham: Tam DeBolt


“What do I want to see more of? Collaboration – theatres working together, sharing knowledge, sharing resources, and helping each other.”

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“There is a need for young people who are art inclined to be given opportunities to express themselves.”

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