Birmingham’s creative economy is only as strong as the spirit of community that supports its development. Find physical and virtual networks to meet, communicate and collaborate. Seek out new experiences to expand your horizons. Make friends. Make places. Be inspired.

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Whether commercial or nonprofit, individual or collective, discover avenues to expand your market share, earning potential or bottom line. Never before has Jefferson County been so perfectly positioned to nurture imaginative endeavors. Prepare for your professional progress.

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You’re never too young to start and you’re never too old to stop. Build your technical, entrepreneurial or creative skills. Locate programs, classes and workshops that can connect your passion and purpose to your present-or-future occupation. Invent or reinvent yourself.

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Stay competitive. Be on your toes. Connect with local, regional and national data and trends, service organizations, and opportunities in the creative industries. Become your own most knowledgeable resource as you navigate the new creative economy, here at home and across the country.

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I Create Birmingham: NULL


“I think it’s great that Sloss Fest, in partnership with Seasick Records are having a locals stage this year. It may be a little too early to see the impact of these festivals on the deep underground of Birmingham’s music scene, but it is a great sign for future years. .”

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“Finding a way to reuse historic structures can be a challenge. We don’t live, work & play the way we used to, so it takes some creativity sometimes to figure out how best to utilize these historic spaces.”

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